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dako’ta x Meta x Willa 
Download their album for FREE. Hip hop for your ears!—->

You don’t need gift wrap to rap a gift. :)

Thank you, John. I love you.

I forgot I had this account! Anyway, Grace and I covered a song for all the love-birds out there. 

Have an awesome spring break (minus UOG students)! :)


Here’s my entry to the “Raise the Bar” cypher. I don’t consider myself a “real” rapper, but I hope this still encourages local female emcees to step up. Share if ya care! Thanks. ;)


Cater 2 U Cover

We hope you like it :) Subscribe to our channel:

Yeah yeah, he’s literally ill! Haha. He’s also calling me out so I HAVE to hop on this cypher. My verse will be up soon. Hopefully by this week. Stay tuned!

"Obama is on Guam": Meta's rant about Obama's lack of acknowledgement for Guam as a whole. This is worth reading.→


His plane landed on island at 11:20pm. His jet, Air Force One, is set to re-fuel and take off at 1:30am. Is he making any public appearance before he leaves? Shaking the manamko’s hand? Meeting elected officials? Kissing babies? NOPE!

Fuck Obama for not de-planing and meeting with the people of…


If only choosing futures was this easy.


SHARE IT! My entry into the Duke Westlake Cypher. I’m calling out EVERY damn MC Guam has to offer, whether they on island or on Mars. Special thanks to my girlfriend for shooting the vid!

Yes, I shot this video! But don’t credit me for editing it. That’s all on meta! Haha. Spread the video to spread the word! :D

21 and learning.

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